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The insurance expert chatbot

A question about a cover in any insurance policy ?
ASK Airchat!

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AirChat already knows a lot of things ...!

For example, it has a memory of more than 3.2 million pieces of information on the insurance contracts analysed by Minalea's solutions. Not bad!

For example, it can tell you whether an item is covered or not in a contract, whether it is optional, and what the content of the guarantee will be if this option is added.

The search for technical information is thus simplified and accelerated, and access to the data is considerably easier.

AirChat embedded

AirChat can also be embedded in your internal applications or your websites with a simple html link. 

Thus, with a simple and quick integration, AirChat can perform two main functions :

  • answer a question about any insurance product analysed,

  • trigger an analysis between two offers and present the differentiating elements between them.


The access to information is then as close as possible to the needs of your internal users and the developments on your side are non-existent.

more informations

Contact us for a first
presentation and demo of AirChat.

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