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Third party applications data delivery

Adding customer advice on your website is now possible with AirAPI

AirApi is the delivery module for data collected and enriched by the analysis platform developed by Minalea. Thanks to the APIs (Application Programming Interface) developed by Minalea, all the information collected can be sorted and delivered for integration into a third-party application.


A third-party website or an internal pricing application can thus be fed with the analyses carried out by Minalea, on request. The data delivered is constantly updated and enriched with new offers and ranges that are continuously analysed.

Um exemplo de uma eventual utilização: 
Um seguro para todas as fases da vida!

possible applications 

Integrate data into your internal applications 

To provide your teams a seamless and fully integrated experience, AirApi allows you to exchange customer context (needs, customer profile information, current product holdings) and obtain real-time data to advise your customers. Your advisors remain in their usual environment, but benefit from high value-added analysis to argue and present their offers.

Improve online advice 

Your customers have the possibility to obtain insurance quotes online and to subscribe directly and autonomously? Why shouldn't they benefit from an assisted and automated advice also when they are alone in front of their screen? This is the purpose of AirApi, which allows you to integrate and display useful information to better understand the offers marketed, the differences with existing offers, and the most suitable points of the proposed contract for the visitor's profile.

Offer online services to your customers 

Your customers may need clarification of their cover, throughout the life of their policy and at any time. Understand a benefit and know if an item is covered or not, know what limits or conditions apply in their case, know if a claim is covered before making an online declaration... All these services can be provided in real time, at any time, by querying AirApi.


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