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Minalea Smart Assistant: creates automatically your sales pitch!

AirPitch, the Minalea Smart Assistant is a dynamic solution analysing insurance offers that automatically generates the perfect sales pitch ! It allows insurers' distribution networks to better advise prospects and customers by highlighting in a few clicks the strong points of their offers compared to the products on the market.

Different ways of using the data are possible, and AirPitch is a SaaS (Service as a Software) solution, no IT developments are required, deployment over a national network is super fast.


Your teams immediately benefit from a unique digital solution to strengthen their sales performance and improve the quality of advice to their customers.



Intelligent solution for graphical analysis of the positioning of insurance offers

AirMarketViewer is a unique solution for marketing departments and actuaries to better understand the positioning of their insurance offers in the market. Air Market Viewer allows one to study all dimensions of an insurance offer and understand in a few clicks its strengths and weaknesses.


This solution also simulates the positioning of a future offer under redesign: evolution in relation to the previous offer, positioning in relation to the market, arguments to put forward in future communications, etc...

AirMarketViewer has other functions that simplify product benchmarking: identification of dormant covers in a contract in a few clicks, quick comparison of two offers, etc.


The insurance expert chatbot

AirChat, the Minalea chatbot knows a lot ! It can answer any question on any insurance product in the market ! Ask for a demo to test it !

For example, it has more than 3 million pieces of information on insurance contracts analysed by Minalea France's solutions. 

It can tell you whether an item is covered or not in a contract, whether it is optional, and what the content of the guarantee will be if this option is added.

The search for technical information is thus simplified and accelerated, and access to the data is considerably easier.


Data delivery to third-party applications

AirApi is the delivery module for data collected and enhanced by the analysis platform developed by Minalea. With AirApi, all the information collected can be sorted and delivered for integration into third-party applications.

A third-party website or an internal pricing application can thus be fed with the analyses carried out by Minalea, on request. As always, the data delivered is constantly updated and enriched with new offers and ranges that are continuously analysed.


Decipher and understand automatically insurance documents

AirScan is an innovative solution that offers the ability to automate the extraction and collection of data from insurance documents such as Policy Wordings and other types of documents. 

Minalea has unique expertise and tools for analysing unstructured raw text and understanding complex data with variable vocabulary repositories. It now offers these tools to insurers who wish to automatically process large numbers of documents collected in their network. 

Thanks to AirScan, it is now possible to extract and structure data from documents with heterogeneous formats. The understanding of the data is ensured by various processes carried out by AirScan. This solution can be integrated with AirPitch, the Intelligent Assistant to simplify the user experience.

Demo, information

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