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Two new ranges analysed in our solutions

For the start of the new school year in 2022, Minalea has analysed two new ranges that you can find in the various solutions: expatriate health insurance and EDPM (Engin de Déplacement Personnel Motorisé) insurance.

> Expatriate health: €25 in France, €40 in Japan, or $230 in New York... the average cost of a consultation with a general practitioner varies enormously from one country to another, or even from one city to another. It is these significant differences that make the offers very complex, and therefore difficult to explore. By analysing this new range, we can help you to see more clearly and make the distribution of these offers easier.

> EDPM: on a two-kilometre journey, soft mobility is the third preferred mode of transport for everyday use, after the car and public transport. A growing use, governed by an obligation of civil liability insurance. It therefore seemed obvious to us to analyse this range in depth: to date, we have analysed 88 EDPM offers, made available in the AirPitch intelligent assistant.

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