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Focus on individual health insurance

Did you know that? It is said that the first health insurance appeared in England, at the time of Queen Elizabeth I, in the 1600s!

If at the beginning it was a marginal step, today the French individual health insurance market is one of the most important and the one in which one can find the most complex and difficult offers to compare. More than a hundred insurers offer thousands of offers with thousands of options, each with subtleties with immediate consequences for the end customer.

Comparing these offers and providing useful advice to the customer is a complicated and time-consuming task. To simplify this nebulous landscape and help you find real arguments to value one offer over another, Minalea has analysed thousands of offers. In just a few clicks, without any effort, you get the hard-hitting and useful elements, such as the precise content of the supports, or the answer to specific questions asked by customers. For example, the AirPitch wizard calculates for you the amount of out-of-pocket expenses, which is easy to explain to a customer and can often make a difference.

To date, 2,735 offers and all their options have been analysed. AirPitch allows you to provide your customer with good advice and to make a difference.


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