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Focus on a range: bicycle insurance

Increased bicycle sales, a growing number of start-ups created in the sector, new cycle paths laid out all over France... it can be said that the bicycle market has never been in better shape. Encouraged by the government, notably through the sustainable mobility package, the growth of this market is undeniable: more than 100 million euros raised by startups linked to the world of cycling, more than 100 innovative startups identified in 2022, or 815 km of cycle paths announced since the beginning of the health crisis (of which 513 km have already been deployed). Source

In this context, insurers are important players in the sector. Although bicycle insurance is not compulsory, more and more cyclists are taking out insurance. Even if the insurance rate of French cyclists is not yet very high, the explosion in the number of sales of electric bicycles (an increase of between 20 and 30% per year is reported) has created a clear need for specific insurance.

It was therefore natural for us to integrate this range into our solutions. To date, we have analysed around 100 offers, made available in the AirPitch intelligent assistant and in AirMarketViewer.


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