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AirPitch : new developments in the ranges analysed

Since 2015, we have been analysing millions of data points for a dozen insurance product ranges (car, HRM, PJ, Individual Health, etc.).

Recently, we have broadened our horizons and analysed three new ranges that are becoming increasingly important:

1. Insurance for dogs and cats. In France, around 10% of pets are covered by health insurance. This is low compared to our European neighbours, but it is a promising market that continues to grow (Source: Les Echos)

2. The PER. Today, there are more than 2 million French people who have a retirement savings plan. It is a market that represents approximately 23.4 billion euros, in other words, it is a product that has become unavoidable. (Source:

3. Provident insurance for self-employed workers. This is a market with great potential since in France, 50% of self-employed workers are already covered by provident schemes, i.e. 1.8 million people (Source: Argus de l'Assurance estimate).

You can now find these new ranges analysed in AirPitch!

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