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Automatically decipher and understand insurance documents

AirScan automates the extraction and collection of data from insurance documents

AirScan is an innovative solution that automates the extraction and collection of data from traditional insurance documents such as Policy Wordings or other document types.

Minalea has unique expertise and tools for analysing unstructured raw text and understanding complex data with various vocabulary repositories. These tools are also used by insurers who want to be able to automatically process a large number of documents collected by their network.


Thanks to AirScan, it is now possible to extract and structure data from documents with heterogeneous formats without preliminary complex settings. 

The understanding of the data is ensured by various processes performed by AirScan.

possible applications 

Automatic reading of tInsurance Particular Conditions, Insurance quotes or other documents

AirScan is able to read and understand the Particular Conditions of Insurance. Thanks to the artificial intelligence solutions developed by Minalea, AirScan analyses and categorises the information contained in this type of documents, in less than 1 second for 70% of cases, without any external help. AirScan extracts the required information and then structures the collected data.

Simplifying the user experience

AirScan can be integrated into AirPitch to provide users with a smooth and enhanced experience.

Improved online quoting experience

Do your customers make online quotes on your website? For them, entering information is time-consuming and complex, prone to errors and inaccuracies, and not mobile-friendly. AirScan can simplify and improve the customer experience when making an online quote, by automatically collecting relevant data from a document upload or a picture of a document.

more informations

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