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making insurance crystal clear

Intelligent solutions for insurance distribution networks
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Minalea has developed intelligent solutions to analyse insurance offers and make insurance clearer and more understandable.

Beyond the collection and analysis of raw data, we exploit these analyses and make them available to insurance professionals through advanced digital solutions.

The insurance offers currently analysed are P&C, Life, Health insurance like : car insurance, multi-risk home insurance, borrowers' insurance, motorbike insurance, life accident coverage, pets insurance, boats, collective and individual health, legal protection, SME, Independent covers.


AirPitch, the Smart Assistant from Minalea, is designed for insurance distribution networks. 

AirPitch is the solution to provide better advice to your customers and increase the expertise of your teams.

airmarket viewer

AirMarketViewer is the solution to understand the positioning of your offers on the market and to simulate the impact of a product redesign.


The Intelligent Chatbot created by Minalea knows a lot about insurance. You can ask it any question on any insurance product, it will surprise you!


AirApi is the solution for making the data analysed by Minalea available to your end customers. It allows to use the Minalea’s data on a third party website or on third party applications.


AirScan is a smart solution that automatically decrypts the content of insurance documents, then extracts and structures the collected data.

in France, more than 3.2 million data
more than 12 million analyses of insurance offers made since the beginning
98% of our users find the minalea assistant useful in their daily position


Minalea is a company that develops artificial intelligence solutions and uses its know-how to improve the performance of its insurance and bancassurance clients.

Created by a team of specialists in insurance in Europe for more than 25 years, Minalea brings together unique insurance experience and advanced digital solutions. Minalea is part of Kereis group, a leading European broker specialized in individual pensions.

Located in France, in the heart of the Alps, in Annecy, Minalea operates in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

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